Junior Youth Empowerment Program

In neighborhoods across the Northeastern United States and around the world, young people are gathering together to direct their energies towards service and to develop their capacities to think and speak about the world around them. Through the agency of these Junior Youth Groups, the Junior Youth Empowerment Program provides a space for reflection, action, and growth.

Young people ages 12-15 are at an unparalleled point in their lives. They are no longer children, and not yet adults. They are forming their sense of self and identity. Too often, society portrays these young people as unruly, self-absorbed, and in thrall to their hormones, and treats them as such.

But there’s a different approach – one that sees in these young people the qualities of altruism, an acute sense of justice, eagerness to learn about the universe, and a desire to contribute to the construction of a better world. In the past few years, a curriculum for the spiritual empowerment of junior youth has been developed in the global Baha’i community and has spread beyond. It is now used by individuals and organizations around the world, including schools and civic organizations, and individuals from many religious, racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds.

If you’re a junior youth, you can join or help start a Junior Youth Group in your school or neighborhood.

If you’re a youth or young adult, you can volunteer as an Animator who facilitates the meetings and activities of a Junior Youth Group.  You also become a part of a community of dedicated individuals who are learning about the relationship between spiritual empowerment and community building.

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